Non-woven Geo-Textiles Fabric

Nahee Geo-textiles Fabric is made from the highest quality polypropylene or polyester yarns which are needle punched to form a strong fabric that retains its dimensional stability, adding years to the life of any roadway, railroad, landfill or civil/environmental engineering project. It is used in subsurface drainage, separation, stabilization, erosion control and Cushioning applications.

Nahee Geo-textiles is made of polypropylene staple fiber, it has excellent resistant to ultraviolet (UV) degradation, biological and chemical environment found in the soil. Nahee Geo-textile extracts no environmental contamination and it maintains stability under temperature.

Nahee Geo-textiles is a product made through a particular process, it is properly designed to meet physical or hydraulic characteristics such as tensile strength, tearing strength for the purpose of civil Works, furthermore, apparent opening size (AOS) is also equally formed to get perfect hydraulic function.