Hydraulic Works

Coastal Protection
Nahee Geo-textiles protect the coastline as their flexibility and permeability 6mՏԱre withstanding of the impact of waves and currents, preventing erosion and washing out of fines.

Artificial dams and embankments need to be fortified with strong materials to resist the forces of nature. Nahee Geo-textiles stabilize and prevent washing out of fines.

Harbor Constructions
Nahee Geo-textiles placed behind the retaining wall keep the drainage layer clean which relieves the hydraulic pressure on the wall. When placed in front of the retaining wall, Nahee Geo-textiles prevent washing out of the sea bed.

River Banks and Canals
Nahee Geo-textiles protect river banks and canals in an effective and environmentally friendly way.


Drainage Pipes
With permeable Nahee Geo-textiles wrapped around the pipes, an effective and long lasting drainage system isensured, without any risk of clogging.

Drainage Trenches
Nahee Geo-textile protect the drain system by preventing mingling of fines.

Surface Drains
Surface drains are likely to become silted up from the surrounding soil. Nahee Geo-textiles keep the fines separated from the drainage layer ensuring the effectiveness of the drain system.

Building Drains
In the construction Cof foundations and basement Walls, Nahee Geo-textiles ensure a clean and effective circumferential drain, which e.g. prevents damage caused by dampness.

Ground Systems

Pipes and Trenches
Placing a Nahee Geo-textile on the bottom of the trench increases theBearing capacity considerably.

Storage Areas
Using Nahee Geo-textiles prevents mingling or loss of fines in the bearing courses Well as clogging of the drainage layer.

Sport Grounds
Grass fields, cinders and gravel courts/ grounds arestabilized 23 as with Nahee Geo-textiles due to theeffective drainage, ensuring an even surface.

With Nahee Geo-textiles under the top layer, the slope will withstand subsoil Water, rainwater and Water from melted snow which Would, otherwise, Wash out the fines.

Road Works

Permanent Roads
By separating the different layers of materials, | Nahee Geo-textiles stabilize road constructions that are designed to resist dynamic and static stresses.

The rapidly increasing speed and weight of trains place heavy demands on the bearing course. Nahee Geo-textiles is used for stabilization.

ln constructions with heavy demands on the surface, Nahee Geo-textiles stabilize the foundations enabling them to withstand dynamic loads.

Road Widening
Nahee Geo-textiles 6mՏԱre separation and stability between subsoil and added road building materials.


When placed under foundations, Nahee Geo-textiles replace the blinding layer. It is simple, effective and economical.

Roof Gardens
Nahee Geo-textiles are used asmechanical protection of roof membranes and as filter protection of any drainage layers.

Concrete Floors
Bellow concrete floors, the permeable Nahee Geo-textile protects the drainage layer from contamination from the concrete and the subsoil.

Nahee Geo-textiles are used assliding layer, mechanicalprotection of roof membranes and as filter protection of any drainage layers.

Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal (Top Layers)
In supervised Waste disposal sites, Nahee Geo-textileson both as sides of the membranesprotect them from perforation. Furthermore, Nahee Geo-textiles are used as filter protection of the drainage layers.

Waste Disposal (Bottom Layers)
As described above, Nahee Geo-textiles on both sides of membranes protect them from perforation. Nahee Geo-textiles also help to detect leaks.

Water Purification Systems
Nahee Geo-textiles on bothsides of the waterproof membrane protect the systemagainst perforation.