The durability and mechanical properties of Nahee Geo-textiles make them ideal for separating layers in construction works. A strong and flexible Nahee Geo-textile is placed between the different layers in the construction preventing migration and mingling of materials, yet allowing free movement of water. This increases the bearing capacity and provides long-term stability of the foundation layers.


The pore structure of Nahee Geo-textiles is designed to retain particles while allowing free movement of water, making it possible to separate two layers during intense hydraulic activity. Migration of layers, which would reduce the load-bearing capacity of the system, is thereby avoided and at the same time waterflow is maintained with minimum pressure loss.


The hydraulic properties of Nahee Geo-textiles is designed to drain excess water off the construction - not bypassing through the fabric - but by flowing in the plane of the fabric away from the construction. The use of a drainage geotextile ensures an ongoing drainage of fluids with minimum pressure loss.


The excellent static puncture resistance of Nahee Geo-textiles makes them ideal for protecting Waterproof membranes and other sealing materials from puncture when fill material and/or loads are applied. When placed between sealing material and other layers, the geotextile withstands and distributes any local pressure from the layer above, ensuring that the protected material is not stressed to failure.


The mechanical and hydraulic properties of Nahee Geo-textiles make the product ideal for reinforcing slopes and other earthworks. Reinforcement which incorporates the correct type of Nahee Geo-textile will prevent the collapse of vertical earth Works and steep slopes.

Stress Relieving

Nahee offers a flexible precompressed non-woven designed especially for stress relieving. The stress relieving paving fabric is ideal in both new road constructions and in road maintenance, as it absorbs differential movements in the road layers, preventing reflective cracking. The bitumen saturated paving fabric also forms a Waterproof interlayer, protecting the subsoil from Water intrusion and thereby loss of bearing capacity.