Geo Bags

Geobags are small soil containers that are made of non-woven geotextile, used for slope protection and river training work. Geobags, also known as Geotextiles Bags, Geotextile Sand Containers or Non-Woven Geobags, are filled with locally available sand (FM > 0.9) and stitched manually on site to form a bag.

• Erosion control, filtration and drainage in one product for coastal, off-shore, waterfront, waterway structures and foundation applications
• Soft Rock RS includes UV resistance and an anti-vandalism protection layer
• Conforms to uneven terrain without sacrificing strength
• Environmentally smart: reduces carbon footprint, creates habitat zones, minimizes site disturbance
• Transforms erosion-prone soils into erosion-resistant systems
• Long-term durability and performance
Erosion control, filtration & drainage, all-in-onethe Geotextile bag.