Nahee Geo-Textile Industries Limited is a manufacturer of non-woven needle punched Geotextile. Our strength is flexibility and ability to manufacture products of high quality and competitive that meet the industry specific requirements covering drainage, filtration, protection, reinforcement, separation applications including housing, roadway, railway, marine, water, coastline and landscape such as soil or slope stabilization and protection.

Our factory is located at Abdar, Telehate, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh which is around 65 KM away from Dhaka. The factory has been built up on 12 acres of land. It has been equipped with The European technology machinery to manufacture the best quality geotextile and has a lot of laboratory equipment to conduct full range of geosynthetic tests with the latest version of national and international standards, e.g. BST, ASTM, DIN. Initially the factory has the production capacity of around 40 tons/day.

Engr. Abu NomanHowlader, Managing Director of Nahee Geo-Textile Industries Limited has formed a team of expert engineers who ensure duality of products and provide technical support to customers. Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel Limited and Nahee SS Pipes Industries Limited are the concern members of Nahee Geotextile. Mr. Howlader is also the Managing Director of Bangladesh Building Systems Limited (BBS), BBS Cables Limited, BBS Metallurgic Industries Limited, Xiamen Reflective Insulations Limited and Helix Wire & Cables Limited. They are the market leaders in each of their relevant fields.

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To promote green solution in treating erosion problems and to raise the nation's awareness of environmental concerns and to create a better and safer living environment for the public.

To be the largest manufacturer of erosion control related products in Asia while constantly innovating competitive and contemporary product offering to protect the dynamic environment.