Geo Tubes

Geotube, also known as Geotextile Tubes is prefabricated in cylindrical container form and made of high strength Woven/non-Woven geotextile. The flexible fabric structure provides ready adaptation to various landforms and field conditions. Geotextile Tubes can be applied to civil engineering, environmental and hydraulic industries, including coastal protection, beach nourishment and restoration (coastline that are washed by wave action); break waters and groins; ground reinforcement of civil engineering structures such as reclaimed land & artificial islands, formation of temporary roads & cofferdams, and dewatering of dredged materials & sludge.

• Optimized physical & hydraulic properties of the fabrics developed for the geotextile tube application
• Remarkable flexibility of the fabric structure providing ready adaptation to various landforms and field Condition
• Special fabrics with higher permeability under the same AOS compared to other tubes
• High durability and seam strength allowing the stable formation of structures.

Geotubes are also used for coastal beach protection and breakWater application.