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Specification to Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel Ltd.

General Properties

Testing item Standard Result
Unit weight ASTM D792 t3mm=4.6kg/m2 t4mm=5.5kg/m²
Outdoor temperature resistance ASTM D1654 No abnormity
Thermal expansion ASTM D696 3.0×10⁻⁵®C⁻1
Thermal deformation temperature ASTM D648 115®C
Thermal conduction ASTM 976 0.102kcal/®C
Flexural rigidity ASTM C393 14.0×10⁵
Impact resistance ASTM D732 1650kgf
Adhesive strength ASTM D903 0.74kgf/mm
Sound-insulating rate ASTM E413 29dB
Flexural Elasticity ASTM D790 4055kg/mm²
Shear resistance ASTM D732 2.6kgf/mm²
Minimum bending radius ASTM D790 ≥300mm
Fire propagation ASTM E84 Qualified
Smoke developed ASTM E84 <45
Wind-pressure resistance ASTM E330 Passed
Properties against water ASTM E331 Passed
Properties against air ASTM E283 Passed

PVDF Coating Finish

Testing item Standard Result
Finish coat thickness ISO 2360(CNS 8406) 27.6um
Gloss ASTM D532-99 20-45%
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363-oo 2H
Toughness ASTM D4145-83 2T no rift
Adhesive force ASTM 3359-97 4B
Impact resistance ASTM 2794-93 >
Abrasion resistance ASTM D968-93 64.6L/mil
Mortar resistance ASTM 605.2-91 24hrs No blister
Humidity resistance ASTM D714-97 3000hrs No blister
ASTM D2247-02
Boiling-water resistance ASTM D3359-B Passed
Salt-spray resistance ASTM B117-03 3000hrs No blister
Acid resistance ASTM D1308-87 No effect
AAMA 605.2-91,TEST#7,7.31
Alkali resistance ASTM D1308-87 Passed
Solvent resistance ASTM D2248-73 Passed
Chalk retention ASTM D2244-93 ∆ E=0.34
Color resistance ASTM D4214-98 No Chalking
Chalk retention ASTM D2244-93 84.2%

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