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Fire-Proof Aluminum Composite Panel


The panel consists of two sheets of corrosion resistant aluminum permanently bonded to fire-resistance core material. The front aluminum coats PVDF/PE paint and other finish design. Because of its excellent fire-resistance and other features, the panel is used in some special and important building decoration as exterior and interior cladding materials. It has all advantages of general aluminum composite panel and outstanding features of fire proof which has overtaken others in the same field. It reaches GB8624B1 grade, no flame, no smog, no noxious gas and its core is tenacity and easy to process and installation.


Excellent fire-resistance feature.
Lightweight, high strength, extreme rigidity and flatness.
Acid-resistance, alkali-resistance.
Outstanding color and gloss retention in a virtually limitless range of hues.
Easily processed and fabricated, quickly installed.
Easily maintenance, simply cleaning.

Fire Resistance Panel Testing:

Items Test method Standard demand Test result Conclusion
Min. rest length of buring GB/T 8625-88 ≥0mm 330 mm Qualified
Average rest length of buring GB/T 8625-88 ≥150 mm 422 mm Qualified
Average smoke temperature GB/T 8625-88 ≤200℃ 187℃ Qualified
Flame tips height GB/T 8625-88 <150 mm 15 Qualified
Smoke density grade GB/T 8627-1999 ≤75  11 Qualified
Note: Standard demand is according to difficult combustion (Class B1) materials.
Judges according to GB8624-1997, the fire performance of this material rates at class B1.


Test Item Test Condition Result Conclusion Test Standard
Height and size Temperature of 23± 2℃
Relative humidity of 50± 10%
Flame spread at 1.5min: 60mm Class 1 BS476:Part 7:1997
Final flame spread: 60mm
Fire safety test Carried out in accordance with
BS476:Part 6:1989
Total Fire propagation index: 0.05 Class 0 BS476:Part 6:1989
Fire safety test Temperature of 73± 5F
Relative humidity of 50±5%
Flame spread index: 10 Class A ASTM E-84-04
Smoke developed value: 15

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